vyhledávání, identifikace, prověrky motorových vozidel - stolen cars searching and locking
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vyhledávání, identifikace, prověrky motorových vozidel
stolen cars searching and locking


VAMAS Plus – J. Mašková - The Company Representative: Václav Mašek, The Official Partner of the Police of the Czech Republic, mandator of the Majority of Insurance Companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, the company has been on the market since 1992, a member of the I.A.A.T.I. /International Association of Auto Theft Investigators/ organised and listed under the heading of the INTERPOL. The core of the company business activities /two basic spheres of action/:

1. This company provides assistance to the Police of the Czech Republic while carrying out the identification and subsequent execution of all legal acts associated with the return of stolen vehicles to their original owners in the Czech Republic, East European and the EU countries /including the search for insurance companies, companies providing lease or private owners of the vehicles/.

Secondary identification of the found and collected vehicles (access to the partial dismantling of vehicles and according to individual parts (airbags, the engine, the gearbox) of these vehicles identified on the basis of their the seriál numbers and the vehicle identification plates the country of their origin is identified. The countries in which we operate are: the whole Czech Republic, nearly all states of Eastern Europe /Romania, Poland, the Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary, Moldavia and Russia, and the following states of the EU: /Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, BENELUX, Sweden and Norway.

Dealing with the discovered/identified vehicles and their release and takeover from police authorities or other state authorities of individual states and their subsequent transportation to their owners /i.e. provision of complex maintenance beginning with the secondary identification of the vehicle, provision/execution of the release of the vehicle, through the provision of legal assistance abroad, as well as further activities associated with the release of the vehicle and ending with the transportation of the vehicle to the place of destination/.

The company is able to ensure the sale /mediation of the sale/ of the found and identified vehicle in the place of its identification in all the above-named states and countries, and in case of any non-economic repatriation of the vehicle we will arrange for all legal and administrative formalities concerning the sale of the vehicle abroad.

2. We can also offer the inspection of all paper documents of the vehicle, we are capable of checking the authenticity of the vehicle registration papers and the origin of the vehicle with the manufacturer, focused mainly on the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the serial number of individual parts of the vehicle according to the factory type, including the inspection of its damage, total amount of damages, as well as the inspection that will prove that the origin of the vehicle is not associated with any criminal activity. These services include:

An immediate check in the databases of stolen vehicles and in the vehicle registries not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Slovak Republic and in all above-named states and countries.

An inspection of the insurance companies that identify such facts as the authenticity of documents, vehicle registration papers, the issued invoices, powers of attorney, contracts of sale, as well as insurance frauds, car accidents and the subsequent amount of the vehicle damages, total damages and provision of all photo documentation associated with the customer´s vehicle.

An inspection of the existence of the companies and persons related to the checked data/facts and insurance frauds.


Identification Number of the Company: 128 12 226

Registered Office: Meziškolská 91, 41712 Proboštov, Czech republic

TEL / FAX: 00420 417 560 195

TEL: 00420 602 403 933 (V. Mašek)


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